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Often-Asked Questions

Question: I keep getting "Request failed" messages when doing name or judgement searches, is the system down?
ANSWER: If you are receiving a "Request failed" message doing a name or judgement search using Microsoft's Internet Explorer or an AOL modified version of Internet Explorer we recommend that you do either two things:

1. Uninstall the Browser software and reinstall it.

If this does not resolve the problem

2. Download and install Netscape Navagator and use it as the default browser. We have had no reported problems with it.

QUESTION: When I print the results of my search, part of the docket information is missing, but I can see it on the screen. How can I print all of the Information?
ANSWER: You can resolve this problem two ways. One, increase your display to a higher resolution. or Two, reduce your default font setting.

QUESTION:Several people in my office have tried to print a doocket and have been unable to do so. All that prints out is the box around the docket with no information.
ANSWER:Try clicking on the word "file" in the top left corner. click on "print". In the print menu there should be a selection called "Print Frame" (Netscape) or "print frames" in Internet Explorer (in Explorer click on "only the selected frame"). Make sure that you have clicked on the frame in which the docket information is on.

QUESTION: When I search using a company name, I get a "syntax error" on the search results screen. How do I find information about a company?
ANSWER: When entering a company name in the Last Name or Company Name field, omit the spaces in the name of the company.

    Example: A search for "Thomas Jefferson University" should be entered in the Last Name or Company Name field as "thomasjeffersonuniversity".
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