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The Civil, Criminal and Orphans' Court E-Filing System will be modified to accommodate the UJS Public Access Policy's requirements effective January 6, 2018. Please review the policy HERE to become familiar with its requirements.

An overview of the E-Filing System changes can be accessed HERE.

Some important points to consider:

1. Documents containing CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION defined by the policy must be redacted and both the REDACTED and UNREDACTED versions of the document must be filed.

2. The policy defines certain documents as CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS. These documents must be filed/uploaded separately from all other documents.

3. There is no need to file a CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENT FORM as required by the policy. The E-Filing system will generate the required form after questions are answered on the file upload screen.

4. For Civil and Orphans' Court users: the E-Filing System will have an area for filing/uploading documents permitted to be filed UNDER SEAL pursuant to a docketed court order. Court approval is mandatory in order to file documents UNDER SEAL.
Posted: January 3, 2018
Use of the Electronic Filing System constitutes an acknowledgment that the user has read the Electronic Filing Rules Pa.O.C.R. 1.3 and 4.7 and Phila.O.C.R. 4.7.A, Pa.R.C.P. 205.4, Phila.R.C.P. *205.4 and Phila.R.C.P. 204.1 and Phila.R.Crim.P.576 and agrees to comply with same.

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